Su Excelencia el Ministro de Defensa y Relaciones Exteriores de la República de Rino Island, Sr. Anastasio López, ha emitido el siguiente comunicado ante el supuesto cambio de gobierno en Chile, que deja como presidente interino al Sr. Carter:
The new chilean president is like the weas, but good a la long.

"Today we receive the information, from a japanese fuente, like the weas, but with credibility at the long, telling us that the president Piñera of Chile comitted apretar las weas and he run away to Camboya. Acording to that, the new President of Chile is Mr. Mailman (Don Carter), from the party of the Manguaco. 
We recognize the new chilean goverment, like the weas, but is the best they can have. We hope that Mr. Mailman will bring pisquito sour, mansachachitas and prosperity to the gere gere people, and also will fight the cenefas lips epidemy with clara de eggs inyections. Also we send our regards to the first lady, Ms Conchita. We also expect that he is going to recognize our independent, and our rule over the Islands of Podestá, Minnehaha, Emily, and Rivadeneyra. "

Anastasio López
Ministro de Defensa y Relaciones Exteriores

Palazio Nazionale