On this occasion H.E the President of the Republic, Don Marco Antonio Rino, has conducted an interview with His Excellency President Kevin Baugh of the Republic of Molossia.
With 45 years of history and a long history, Molossia is one of the best known micronations in the world. With a good sense of humor, President Kevin Baugh has given us full facilities to interview him for our media, taking advantage of the quarantine. We hope our citizens and the general public can enjoy it as much as our team.
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His Excellency President Grand Admiral Colonel Doctor Kevin Baugh, President and Raïs of Molossia, Protector of the Nation and Guardian of the People. sourse: Molossia Website. 

1. Do you remember your first approach to micronations? 

A.  My first introduction to micronations would probably be at the creation of Molossia.  That was in 1977, and at the time I thought that perhaps we were the only self-declared nation.  Of course that’s not correct, but there was no way to have known that back then, before the Internet.  In 1998 I discovered the existence of micronations online, which most certainly opened up the world to me and Molossia.  I learned a great deal about the micronational world then, from older micronations, most of whom are long gone now.

Every nation is a little different, with its own goals and characteristics and each brings something different and hopefully good to the Organization.

2. How was Molossia founded? Where does the idea come from?

A. Molossia was originally founded as the Grand Republic of Vuldstein, on 26 May 1977.  My best friend James and I saw the movie “The Mouse That Roared“ and we were inspired from that movie to start our own nation. He was the King and I was Prime Minister. Shortly, he moved on to other things but I stayed with the nation through the years and when I obtained property here in northern Nevada in 1998 it became the home to our nation, then renamed the Republic of Molossia.

3. From the experiences of those first years, what was the most difficult thing you had to face?

A.  There haven’t been actually too many difficulties through the years. Perhaps one would be a lack of funding for our many projects, but that has just inspired us to make do with what we have and be more creative in the things that we do.  Otherwise, the 43 years that Molossia has been around have been fairly painless - and fun!

The President and The First Lady, Mme. Adrianne Baugh. sourse: Molossia website

4. Combining normal civil life and micro-national life is sometimes difficult. How do you do it? What is the opinion of your family and friends about micronationalism?

A.  Life is always about balance, just as much with Molossia as with anything else.  I spend a great deal of time doing the work of the nation, while still managing employment outside of Molossia.  Fortunately I have a great deal of flexibility in my “day job“, which makes it a little easier. As far as my family is concerned, they are Molossian citizens, so they are involved in most activities we do as a nation.  They actually enjoy Molossia quite a bit.

All projects need to start somewhere, and for micronations starting with a concept and a simple website is a good beginning.

5. The massification of the internet has contributed to the proliferation of micronations only located on the web. What do you think about this?

A.  I think that is just fine. All projects need to start somewhere, and for micronations starting with a concept and a simple website is a good beginning.  I would hope that those nations would build from there and move beyond the Internet into the real world as much as possible.

6. Molossia has been one of the biggest promoters of the MicroCon organization. How was this activity created? What is the purpose of MicroCon?

A.  MicroCon was created by me in 2015 as a way for micronationalists to meet up.  It is fun to exchange ideas and concepts with other micronationalists.  Initially MicroCon was largely intended for micronationalists from across North America, however it has since grown to include those from all over the world.  Again, it is an excellent venue to meet and learn about other micro nations, building a community of micronationalists.

His Excellency meeting with famed actor Jack Black. sourse: Molossia website

7. The United Micronations Organization, the main group of Hispanic micronations, is about to celebrate 11 years of activity. What message could you send to the members of the oldest active organization of the micronations of Latin America?

A.  I would say keep dreaming, striving and building your nations.  Every nation is a little different, with its own goals and characteristics and each brings something different and hopefully good to the Organization.  Keep doing that, and see what can be next for your nations!

8. Can you recommend us your three favorite movies of all time to watch in quarantine?

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